Accessorize Your Outfit with Statement Sea Turtle Birthstone Jewelry Styles

Sea turtles are universally beloved sea creatures.

If you can find time for a turtle walk the next time you visit the coast, watch how females lay eggs or assist hatchlings as they crawl from the beach to the ocean before predators attack. Mother turtles shed tears while laying eggs, making for a beautiful sight you won’t soon forget.

These magnificent creatures, sadly, have a poor survival rate. Out of 10,000 eggs laid, only one turtle survives and matures to adulthood.

Even if you’ve never seen baby turtles hatch, you can celebrate your love of these sea creatures with sea turtle jewelry. In this article, you will learn about the meaning of turtle jewelry and how to style your favorite earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

What Does Turtle Jewelry Mean?

Turtles are universal symbols that mean different things in various cultures worldwide. Some turtles travel over 10,000 miles across the oceans every year, so it’s no surprise that these sea creatures pop up in mythology from Hawaii to Spain to China.

Every culture interprets these creatures in its own way, highlighting characteristics and telling legends about them. In general, turtles symbolize wisdom, calm, the earth, and patience. Turtles live for up to 100 years, so Native Hawaiian, Japanese, and Polynesian cultures used turtle jewelry to represent a long life or longevity.

At Taiwanese festivals, people bake turtle-shaped cakes to celebrate ancestors. In Mayan cultures, turtles represent the earth. African stories and legends portray the sea creature as a clever and mischievous trickster.

Other sea turtle jewelry meanings are patience, strength, longevity, creation, stability, order, endurance, innocence, and protection. The jewelry makes perfect gifts and souvenirs.

Types of Sea Turtle Jewelry

Celebrate the gentle turtle spirit each day with a statement convention or modern turtle jewelry piece from the Nautora collection.

Sea Turtle Bracelets

In some cultures, sea turtle bracelets have high social value, representing your character in society. They show your “clan” and attract good luck to your life.

Pair them with sea turtle earrings or a necklace to accessorize your outfit. A thin, stylish, and discreet bracelet in silver or gold is perfect for the office. Wear yours to accessorize a two-piece suit for a stylish look.

Wear different turtle bracelets for a mix and match look. A couple of bracelets are enough to add visual interest to your casual outfit without overloading your wrists. Stacked bangles and bracelets embellished with vibrant, colorful sea turtles look impeccable.

Combine a silver sea turtle charm bracelet and a beautiful black dress for a timeless, classic, and stunning look.

Sea Turtle Earrings

Sea turtle earrings are lightweight and fashionable, making them ideal for round or square faces. Pendant turtle earrings frame your face for a flattering look with a pop of color.

You can accessorize almost any attire with your pair of turtle earrings, whether you want an understated sterling silver embossed turtle earring or a bright blue turtle stud earring.

Turtle Ring Jewelry

A turtle ring enhances any outfit, symbolizing love, wealth, and loyalty.

Choose a properly sized turtle ring to make your fingers look long and slender. Thick bands look great on thin fingers, like your pinky. For thicker fingers, like your index, middle finger, or thumb, choose narrow bands.

Whether you buy turtle rings jewelry for your engagement or just as a fashion accessory, the timeless silver pieces complement any outfit. Wear turtle rings year-round, paired with beach-themed attire, or simply wear them to add a beachy vibe to any look.

Sea Turtle Stud Earrings

Sea turtle stud earrings and shorter-drop styles flatter oval or long faces. Every earring starts with recycled materials from eco-friendly refiners. The designs feature streamlined shells and long flippers of the green sea turtle, cast in enamel for a shiny, colorful finish.

With finely-tuned details and great craftsmanship, our stud earrings are authentic. Whether your outfit is in neutral or bold colors, you will not go wrong with turtle stud earrings.

Opt for a complementary or matching look when choosing an outfit to pair with your beautiful turtle stud earrings. For a neutral outfit, consider adding bold-colored jewelry to brighten your look.

Sea Turtle Pendants

Celebrate the gentle turtle spirit with beautiful sea turtle jewelry. Turtle pendants are a great centerpiece for casual or official outfits. Wear a simple party dress or work attire in a neutral color to build your look around the sea turtle pendant.

Minimize bracelets and turtle rings jewelry, and wear studs to make your pendant the centerpiece of your look.

Sea Turtle Birthstone Necklaces

With the right sea turtle necklace, you can reflect oceanic colors in your outfit. Make sure that your necklace complements the neckline of your clothing for an attractive appeal.

Purchase turtle birthstone necklaces from Nautora and choose from stunning colors that will complement any look. Emphasize your outfit to reflect your unique style and personality with a simple sterling silver necklace.

V-necks pair well with long-pendant necklaces. If you are wearing a sweetheart neckline, opt for a short necklace for a statement look. You can also layer turtle necklaces over crew neck-cut clothing to make a bold statement of your fashion style even during the cold winter months.

Shop for Sea Life Jewelry

Sea life jewelry, whether earrings, studs, necklaces, pendants, or bracelets, makes perfect gifts for your friends or loved ones who love the ocean. It is also the perfect treat for yourself.

Sea turtle jewelry exudes the same qualities. Wear subdued jewelry with bold outfits, or transform your simple neutral look for a creative and happy style. Enhance your casual, beach, or date-night look with a stunning silver sea turtle necklace or sea turtle earrings.

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