Tropical Beach Jewelry Ideas to Accentuate Your Beach Wear

Beach jewelry is the perfect way to complement your sun-soaked vacation pics and turquoise sea selfies. Make your friends envious with beautiful sea Instagram pictures, especially if you add a fruity cocktail in hand.

How to Care for Beach Jewelry

You can bring your favorite lighthouse bell necklace or sea turtle birthstone to the beach for a stylish look. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you bring appropriate jewelry and wear your beach jewelry without damaging them.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen lotion and wait for your body to absorb it before you go out to the beach. Wear your beach jewelry only after the sunscreen has a chance to absorb to prevent your jewelry from reacting with chemicals in the lotion.

Choose Durable Sterling Silver Beach Necklaces

Sand can cause abrasion on your beach jewelry, ruining your soft gemstones and gold-plated jewelry items. When shopping for beach necklaces, bracelets, and more, choose sterling silver. Sterling silver is more durable and better for beachwear than softer metals.

Clean Your Jewelry

Salt in the seawater can ruin your jewelry. After a fun-filled day at the beach, clean your earrings, bracelets, and other ocean jewelry after a day at the beach to keep in good condition. Wipe each piece with a damp cloth and let dry.

What Are the Best Beach Jewelry?

When visiting the beach, avoid chunky or dark jewelry to attain a balanced look and ensure an even tan. Lightweight jewelry will not overwhelm you or wear you out as soon as you get to the beach but will ensure you enjoy your time. For example, a charm bracelet or delicate chain necklace would work for the beach instead of a chunky statement necklace. Dark-colored jewelry can heat up in the sun and become hot to the touch. Choose light-colored silver pieces, like the pieces in Nautora’s signature collection. The light blues and delicate silver chains will look fantastic and stay comfortable all day in the sun.

Beach Bracelets

Beach bracelets are made for beachwear. Wearing bracelets gives your beach attire a delicate, feminine look.

With sea-themed bracelets, you will look stylish even as you enjoy your time at the beach. Pair your jewelry item with sailor stud earrings and shell pendants for a complete beach look. Stack the bracelet with bangles to accessorize any beachwear.

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Whether you don your swimwear or embrace a bikini, you won’t go wrong with a beach bracelet.

Fish Necklaces and Beach Necklaces

A beach necklace can make your beach outfit look stylish. Make sure that the necklace piece you pick complements the neckline of your clothing. For example, a fishbone necklace with a pendant can be a statement piece for an accentuated look.

Bring a taste of island life home with you when you buy fish necklaces from Nautora’s collection. These stunning sterling silver pendants are the perfect addition to your tropical outfit. The vibrant blues and finely crafted silvery fish will make you stand out wherever you go.

Beach Earrings

Beach earrings, like any earrings, tie your outfit together. Different earrings work for different face shapes. Pendent earrings complement square or round faces, while studs flatter long or oval faces. However, hoop beach earrings complement any look.

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Show Off Your Love for the Beach in Style

Beach jewelry is perfect for casual wear to accessorize on your next beach vacation. Choose delicate items from the Nautora collection, like fishbone necklaces and beach pendant necklaces, to reduce tan lines.

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